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Each year, a group of voluntary Louis Vuitton employees are designated LVforUNICEF Reporters and have the opportunity to see UNICEF’s work in action, and witness how the funds raised by the partnership really make a difference by helping vulnerable children.


MEET THE 6 LVforUNICEF reporters 2019!


On April 25 and May 12, 2015, two major earthquakes left more than one million children in need of urgent humanitarian aid. Nearly 890,000 houses were destroyed, 765 public health facilities damaged and 32,000 classrooms destroyed or damaged beyond use. Since then, UNICEF has worked to ensure all children in Nepal have access to vaccinations, safe drinking water and quality education.



LVforUNICEF Reporters have already visited countries such as Bangladesh, Jordan and Lebanon to meet beneficiaries of UNICEF’s work.

After meeting children in need, they become internal ambassadors for the partnership between Louis Vuitton and UNICEF by helping to raise awareness and funds internally.


In October 2019, six LVforUNICEF Reporters visisted Nepal to meet the children and witness UNICEF's work on the field and share their experience afterwards.