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1. Why did Louis Vuitton partner with UNICEF?
Children of the world are too often at risk, exposed to conflict, disease and natural disasters. UNICEF is the global authority on problems faced by children around the world, with the resources, network and public support to create change. By supporting UNICEF’s work, Louis Vuitton can help to bring positive change and transform children’s lives.

2. What are some of UNICEF’s achievements?
Through UNICEF’s leadership and the joint efforts of a global community of partners, enormous progress has been made. More than 80% of children in the world today are immunized. Since 1990, mortality rates for children under five have dropped by 50%. Today, nearly nine out of 10 children of primary school age have access to education in the world.

3. If it is a partnership, what is UNICEF giving back in return to Louis Vuitton?
UNICEF is sharing its core values with Louis Vuitton. UNICEF is giving Louis Vuitton the opportunity to activate its network and share its news with the public in an amazing human adventure, for example by bringing its employee into the field. UNICEF helps to bind employees together, working for a cause that they can be proud of.

4. Can individuals donating through the LVforUNICEF website benefit from tax deduction?
Tax deductions are not applicable for donations made through LVforUNICEF website, except French residents, who are eligible for tax reduction, equal to 75% of received payments, with a limit of 537 € (article 200 of the General Tax Code).




5. How does UNICEF define emergencies?
Why focus on emergencies and how do we prioritize them? Emergencies are defined as urgent situations in which there is clear evidence that an event or series of events has occurred causing human suffering or one that imminently threatens human lives or livelihoods. Emergency needs have increased dramatically over recent years. While most emergency situations do not make the headlines, an estimated 230 million children around the world live in countries and areas affected by conflict. This is why Louis Vuitton has decided to focus on children in urgent need. Louis Vuitton makes a promise to help the world’s most vulnerable children through its support of UNICEF.

6. Where exactly do the funds raised by Louis Vuitton for UNICEF go?
The majority of funds raised by Louis Vuitton for UNICEF are allocated to UNICEF’s emergency programs. From 2016 to today, different emergencies have required organization-wide mobilization, for example:

• Syrian Arab Republic and neighboring countries: The Syrian crisis became the biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time. More than six million people are internally displaced and more than five million Syrians, including 2.5 million children, are living as refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt.
Louis Vuitton is helping UNICEF to provide care to Syrian refugee children. For example, in 2018 UNICEF helped to vaccinate almost 3.5 million children under five years against polio, to provide some 4.6 million people with improved access to a water supply and to screen more than 1.3 million children and pregnant and lactating women for acute malnutrition.

• Nigeria: An ongoing conflict between Boko Haram and the Nigerian military has resulted in seven million individuals in desperate need of assistance across Borno, Gombe, Yobe and Adamawa states. Approximately 55% are children. Louis Vuitton supports UNICEF’s programs to provide lifesaving services to children and their family across both north-east Nigeria and the wider Lake Chad Basin (Cameroon, Niger and Chad). For example, from 2014 to 2018, UNICEF reached nearly two million children with severe acute malnutrition with lifesaving treatment and it helped more than 6,000 children and women imprisoned by armed groups to reintegrate with their communities

• Yemen: In one of the world’s most complex humanitarian crises, almost the entire population of Yemen – 22 million people – including more than 11 million children, require humanitarian assistance. Louis Vuitton supports UNICEF programs in Yemen: for example, in 2018 UNICEF helped more than 4.9 million people access safe drinking water, vaccinated almost 4.7 million children under five against polio and reached 1.1 million children with education about mines and explosive remnants of war.

• Bangladesh: Since August 2017, more than 730,000 Rohingya, including 400,000 children, have fled violence in Myanmar and settled in Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh. The refugees remain highly dependent on short-term aid, however, and are living in precarious conditions, particularly in congested camps. UNICEF is actively working on the ground: for example, in 2018, UNICEF provided 1.2 million people over one year old with cholera vaccines, given almost 350,000 Rohingya refugees access to safe drinking water and expanded access to non-formal education to 145,000 Rohingya refugee children aged 4-14.

• Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi: In March and April 2019, southern Africa was hit by two subsequent cyclones, Idai and Kenneth, that left a trail of damage and destruction in their path. The natural disasters have left more than three million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, with children making up more than half of those directly affected. Louis Vuitton supports UNICEF programs related to impact from cyclones Idai and Kenneth. For example, 12,321 children have already been admitted for severe acute malnutrition treatment; 397,978 children have been vaccinated including for measles; and 1,091,406 people have been provided with access to safe water.

7. Six years after the launch, how much has Louis Vuitton raised to support UNICEF’s programs for children? How does Louis Vuitton continue to support UNICEF programs?
Since the launch in 2016, how much has Louis Vuitton raised to support UNICEF’s programs for children? How does Louis Vuitton continue to support UNICEF programs?
Since January 2016, the Louis Vuitton for UNICEF partnership has helped raise more than $19 million to help bring children in emergency life-saving humanitarian support. By doing so, it has helped brought hope to children who have endured the horrors of war and deprivation. Funds come from individual donations, employee fundraising and sales of Silver Lockit, which represents the major part of the donations. Silver Lockit, launched in January 2016, is a product specially designed to raise funds for UNICEF by donation appeal to their clients and employees and to increase awareness on the urgent need to help children at risk. Silver Lockit products include: • For each Silver Lockit sold, $200 is donated to UNICEF. • For the the limited-edition Silver Lockit Color bracelets, $100 is donated to UNICEF for each piece sold. Different versions of Silver Lockit Color cord bracelets are launched every year. Louis Vuitton also: organizes awareness-raising and fundraising activities together with its staff members and its network of Friends of the House all over the world, encouraging clients to make direct donations to UNICEF throughout the year and especially during emergencies.

8. How has Louis Vuitton involved its employees with the partnership with UNICEF?
Each year since the partnership launch, voluntary Louis Vuitton staff members, called LVforUNICEF Reporters, are invited to visit UNICEF-supported programs in the field, including refugee camps, to witness how the funds raised are helping vulnerable children. They witness first-hand how UNICEF and its partners are working on the ground, providing life-saving interventions and critical services such as expanding water and sanitation services and providing education services to children who cannot go to school. Reporting back to colleagues, the LVforUNICEF Reporters have galvanized support for children in need. LV Reporters visited refugee camps in Lebanon in 2016, the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan in 2017, and Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh in late 2018.



9. Why did Louis Vuitton's team create this website?
Louis Vuitton created this website for staff members to raise awareness about its partnership with UNICEF and raise even more funds to help the most vulnerable children. Louis Vuitton hopes to encourage even more of its employees to participate in different initiatives related to UNICEF. Together we can make a difference.

10. Can I share this website with my friends or family?
This website is created for Louis Vuitton employees, but you are welcome to share it and spread the word about UNICEF programs.

11. Who can I contact to get more information or to suggest an initiative?